Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I can't wait to go to Africa!

On March 4 Randi Burlein came to talk to our group about her trips to Ghana. This was the second time I'd heard her talk about Ghana. The first time was motivating as far as getting my paperwork to go in on time, this time, the second time was just exciting, now I'm ready go--- I can't wait to gorge myself on pineapple, to see our hotel, to see the market and most of all the meet some of the people she keeps talking about. Randi shared with us a video her department put together that had photos of the kids and adults they work with and of the students hard at work-- it was so great to put faces with names and to be able to give faces to the masses of kids I've been imagining meeting. The whole meeting was just great, it gave voices and faces to the people we hope to work with and an actually identity to the place I've been looking forward to visiting for the past several months.

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